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Dipping Sauce

I threw some stuff together for some dumplings and it turned out to be the best dipping sauce. Here is the recipe. *you will need this recipe (Honey Garlic) 3 TB sesame paste 1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar (i used toasted sesame flavor) 1 TB spicy chili crisp 1 t minced garlic 1 t…

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Breakfast panini’s

I know how hard times are right now so this is a cheap and easy way for people to create something new, but a way to make something new while staying in. If you have a panini press this is an quick, protein filled breakfast that doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. And honestly? You…

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Pablano Ranch

You might know that I have worked in the restaurant community in the not so distant past.  Unfortunately one of the fine dinning restaurants that I worked at was bought out by a corporation and wasn’t keeping a pastry chef…me, and  buying the desserts from food vendors instead.  I could have stayed with the company…

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lasagna soup

Lasagna soup! - Deliciously melts in your mouth with taste of Italian ground beef, garlic & onion in a tomato soup. Best part is that there are noodles!

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Campfire Stew

This is my third year going to something called “Camp Fear.” For those of you who don’t know what that is. It’s essentially the name. You camp and people scare the living day light out of you. Last year, it was my friends bachelorette party and I was too drunk to remember anything. I’m laughing…

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