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lasagna soup

Lasagna soup! - Deliciously melts in your mouth with taste of Italian ground beef, garlic & onion in a tomato soup. Best part is that there are noodles!

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Friend’s Dinner

Throughout the crazy in our own lives, we must think about the people around us. I care for these two like I would my own family. My way of showing I care is through my food. I make you delicious dinners to show my love because that’s how I know best. My best friend and…

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Beef tips in Gravy

Easiest midwest meal ever. It takes a couple of minutes, and I explain the process of how to make this through our NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I’m very excited about this because now it’ll be easier for people who would rather watch than read our blog post.  Our first one is very relaxing and I don’t…

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