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Jam Tarts

I wanted poptarts, but I didn’t want to go to the store.  So I made some, sort of. I have a never-ending supply of jams, jellies, and preserves.  I don’t eat toast every day so I have been looking for ways to use it other than on bread. I use it with PB&J ofcourse, but…

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Stew Pasties

What to do with leftover stew? I know it is better the second day, but no one at my house is good at eating leftovers. So I have to find ways of completely re-inventing the original dish, especially soups. So I was browsing on the internet and came across a recipe on one of my favorite cookbook…

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Limoncello Tart

I am not much of a fruit dessert girl, but every once in a while I like something different from chocolate.  I had some fresh lemon juice that needed to be used and I chose lemon curd instead of lemonade. I absolutely love lemon curd as a filling for cake, or a topping for a…

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Quiche is a versatile pie. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner and a plethora of veggie, meat and cheese combinations. It has a beautiful crust called pate brisee that bakes up flaky but will hold up to the liquid filling by blind baking it first. Make sure when changing the fillings that the veggies are sautéed…

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An apple a day…pie!

Originally posted on sweetnsavoryfood:
I am not sure that all college students are like my children, but they definitely do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.  So, we had a few extra apples that were going to get soft if something was not done.  I like Waldorf salad, but the girls do not like walnuts. What…

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