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lasagna soup

Lasagna soup! - Deliciously melts in your mouth with taste of Italian ground beef, garlic & onion in a tomato soup. Best part is that there are noodles!

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Campfire Stew

This is my third year going to something called “Camp Fear.” For those of you who don’t know what that is. It’s essentially the name. You camp and people scare the living day light out of you. Last year, it was my friends bachelorette party and I was too drunk to remember anything. I’m laughing…

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Chipotle lime chicken tacos

Every once in a while I need just go home and make tacos. Writing this is making me hungry even thinking about it. If I don’t eat Mexican food once a week I get cranky. We all have our schedules. Mine involves me eating certain foods once a week. So I invited a friend over…

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Friend’s Dinner

Throughout the crazy in our own lives, we must think about the people around us. I care for these two like I would my own family. My way of showing I care is through my food. I make you delicious dinners to show my love because that’s how I know best. My best friend and…

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Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Life can seem pretty crazy at times, but we still need to eat. This is a recipe that won’t hurt your bank account and leave you feeling full and ready to face the world of crazy that awaits! With school coming up, a couple new births in the family, working, and every else in the…

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