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Dessert Duo

Who can resist the creamy custard and crunching topping of creme brulee or the soft and chewy center of a French Macaroon with a smooth chocolate ganache filling. These two desserts were ment to be made together.  Why you ask? It’s all about the eggs. Creme brulee uses only yolks and macaroons use only whites,…

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My family loves doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. We order two dozen; 6 glazed, 6 chocolate glazed, 6 raspberry jelly glazed, and 6 chocolate custard. The last two choices goes first of course, but they all go within a couple of days. I found a recipe in my CIA cookbook called “Berliner Dough” that sounded a lot…

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Crock Pot Bread Pudding

Lately it has been too hot to bake.  I just don’t want to overtax my air conditioner when it’s already running 24/7. So how can a delicious dessert be made if you are not able to bake.  You can try something on the stove, some pudding would work, chocolate mousse if you don’t mind the texture, maybe…

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