Category: Condiments

Pablano Ranch

You might know that I have worked in the restaurant community in the not so distant past.  Unfortunately one of the fine dinning restaurants that I worked at was bought out by a corporation and wasn’t keeping a pastry chef…me, and  buying the desserts from food vendors instead.  I could have stayed with the company…

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Honey Garlic

One of my favorite things to cook with is some honey garlic.  That’s right. Honey. Garlic. It’s one of the BEST things I have ever cooked with. Its good on potatoes, steak, and many, many other things So let’s talk. Valentine’s day is coming up and I typically cook a good New York strip steak.…

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Tartar Sauce

We do not eat very much fish around our house.  Occasionally, I’ll buy a filet of salmon or maybe crack open a can of tuna.  Although two of my daughters are employed by Long John Silvers, neither eat fish. I was going to prepare a loin of lamb tonight for dinner, but I forgot to…

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