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This is a pretty versatile recipe. You can make sweet and savory dishes with crepes. If you are going to be using this for both, you should use the savory recipe. However is you will be making sweet crepes, for either breakfast or dessert, use the sweet crepe recipe. Another thing that makes this versatile…

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Corned Beef Hash

Here is my nod to St. Patrick’s Day fare. I’m not much into boiled cabbage or potatoes, I like the maillard reaction, browning and carmelizing, of food way to much to be boiling anything but water; well maybe pasta. Anyway, I confess that when push comes to shove I will eat the dogfood version that comes in the…

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Apricot Danish

I love all things sweet for breakfast, like danish, doughnuts, muffins, scones, and pop tarts, the chocolate ones. Anyway, I also like to make laminated dough, not a common thing even among pastry chefs.  It takes a long time and it’s a lot easier to just buy the dough or even just buy the danish…

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Quiche is a versatile pie. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner and a plethora of veggie, meat and cheese combinations. It has a beautiful crust called pate brisee that bakes up flaky but will hold up to the liquid filling by blind baking it first. Make sure when changing the fillings that the veggies are sautéed…

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Savory French Toast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  No matter what time I eat my first meal, 6am up to noon-ish, I want breakfast.  I usually want something sweet, like doughnuts, but occasionally I try to add more nutrition to my day. The french toast part of this equation is the same, it’s just the…

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Biscuits and Gravy

Originally posted on sweetnsavoryfood:
Saturday Morning Breakfast I am a little handicapped in my blogging capacity right now as I am visiting with my two daughters in Iowa City, IA.  They are attending college at the University of Iowa and have a small 2 bedroom apartment.  Luxurious for them being their first place, but not…

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