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I’m a wife, mother, pastry chef and amatuer gardner. I travel as much as possible, can what I grow, and taste as many new things as possible.

Confetti Coleslaw

I love to eat with my eyes.  My favorite pastime other than eating,  and reading is looking…at food.  I read cookbooks, I watch cooking shows on television, and I surf the net for other interesting food blogs. Looking at food is the next best thing to eating it. I also love lots of color.  People…

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Bread Day Addendum

I had a request from a viewer for two of the sourdough breads that I made back on bread day.  One for the Pain au Fromage (Cheese Bread) and the other for sourdough english muffins. Just a word about starters: there are a ton of different recipes out there.  I have had a starter since…

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Dessert Duo

Who can resist the creamy custard and crunching topping of creme brulee or the soft and chewy center of a French Macaroon with a smooth chocolate ganache filling. These two desserts were ment to be made together.  Why you ask? It’s all about the eggs. Creme brulee uses only yolks and macaroons use only whites,…

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Valentine’s Day Dinner

This year instead of going out to eat I made our Valentines dinner. The plating needs some help but it was outstanding even if I say so myself.  I prepared lobster tails and filet mignon on the grill, with the accompaniment of colcannon and sauteed asparagus. And for dessert, chocolate covered strawberries. This was the first…

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Tartar Sauce

We do not eat very much fish around our house.  Occasionally, I’ll buy a filet of salmon or maybe crack open a can of tuna.  Although two of my daughters are employed by Long John Silvers, neither eat fish. I was going to prepare a loin of lamb tonight for dinner, but I forgot to…

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Stroll down memory lane

Here is an article that I submitted for publication to Food and Spirits Magazine back in the day. Since I have been too busy to make anything new and interesting, a little something to “chew” on until I do. Scallops, Not Just for the Coasts Stephanie Slyter In our traditional cow-town there are a few…

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Green Tomato Delima

One of the solutions that I came up with is green tomato cheese bread.  I have to admit it was delicious. I adapted the recipe from the book “cakes and loaves” by Ilona Chovancova, which I was a little leary about using due to the collapsed poppyseed cake picture shown on the front cover. However,…

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Green Tomatoes

End of garden blues, or rather greens (tomatoes that is), Had some hard frosts get to the garden tomatoes and need some ideas with what to do with them. I plan on making some of them fried, and then there is pickles, but I like trying new things so if you have an interesting recipe…

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Phyllo Fun

Forgive me for taking so long to complete a blog, but I have started to work again and am having a hard time just getting enough sleep much less the extras like cooking, cleaning and blogging. As I am adjusting to the huge chunk of free time being gone, I will post as often as…

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