Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

I don’t know about you guys, but quarantine is making me crazy! I am used to working every day. EVERY DAY! I rarely have a day off, so being at home every day was nice for the first week, but there is only so much cleaning and organizing a person can do, or at least me.

As I have said before on this blog, I need variety, in all things.  I thought I would cook, clean, knit, sew and watch all the movies. Turns out those activities are almost all the same type of activity. Cleaning is not like the crafting, so then that would only be two different type of activities and the only other thing I am able to do now is walk our dogs. So needless to say I am at my wits end in finding ways of not becoming bored.

I am a people person and usually see my friends and family quite often, and attend church twice a week if I’m not working. I love going to movies, eating out and shopping, don’t forget shopping.  I even like grocery shopping, which I am not allowed to do right now.  I have asthma and other health complications so my husband is taking care of me by doing all of the errands. I like going to the grocery store and just getting inspiration from the fresh produce or things on sale or seeing a different piece of meat that I haven’t used in a while etc., but since I’m not shopping inspiration is not welling up inside of me.

My husband is quite happy with the same food everyday.  He usually eats cottage cheese and toast for breakfast.  Occasionally I will make an omelet or pancakes, because I want them and he’s happy to eat that, but if I’m not cooking…cottage cheese and toast.  For lunch he usually has a turkey sandwich and chips, and dinner he has whatever food I  make or he scrounges for leftovers if I’m not cooking.

Lately, I have been enjoying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  On my last grocery shopping trip I thought it wise to get some things that would last and were shelf stable if some crazy stuff happened during the Pandemic. One of the choices was peanut butter, I bought 2 extra jars, hence my choice of subject for today. Caveat here, I can’t do them everyday. All my meals need to be different. I mean I might have bacon for breakfast and a BLT for lunch, but I had better have a different meat for dinner or I’m not happy.  I am very spoiled, I know, especially with all the stuff that is happening in our world right now.  I will eat leftovers and if I make too big a batch of Steele cut oats I’ll eat them for breakfast the next day.  I’m just saying, I’m blessed, but very picky if that option is there.

Back to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I have fruit trees:  peach, apricot, cherry, pear,  plum, fig, lime and mandarin orange trees. I occasionally have friends that let me pick apples from their trees (my apple trees died and I have not replaced them yet).  I also have grapevines, a raspberry and blackberry patch, red current bushes and some rhubarb. I make jelly, jams, preserves and conserves. Usually a lot of them. So I have a huge variety of jelly: sweet, spicy, nutty, smooth, chunky and some have alcohol in them, (banana foster jam). So I have endless variety of jelly to pick from for the jelly part of the sandwich.  The only limiting factor is the space in my refrigerator. I usually have about 8 different kinds of jelly open at one time.

I’m not so picky with the peanut butter.  I prefer smooth, but I will eat chunky and lets not forget the other nut options out there: almond, cashew, and hazelnut with chocolate (Nutella), and many more like seed butters (tahini) and sunflower seed spread.

Bread is the next ingredient to hold this meal together.  A classic choice of white bread, crusty sourdough, French baguette, sliced brioche or a whole wheat is a great choice.  But my favorite is the marbled rye from Rotella’s bakery.

And last but not least is the optional ingredient.  I usually put a slice of sharp cheddar on my sandwich. It gives it a little bit more texture and protein bang for the buck.  But, you could just as easily add a banana, strawberry slices, brie cheese slices.  You get the idea, and I’m sure no one has every added their potato chips on their PBJ. I’m wondering if bacon would taste good?

So the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I chose today: Rotella marbled rye bread, not toasted, apple butter and sharp cheddar.  The spread must go to the very edge. I like each bite to be the same.  This is the way with all the sandwiches in my world.  Mayo, mustard, pickles, cheese, bacon, lettuce, whatever is on the sandwich must be in every bite. It isn’t balanced otherwise.

My lunch choice was divine today.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll grill my homemade sourdough bread with Nutella, banana slices and banana foster jam, or maybe sliced baguette with brie slices, almond butter, toasted almonds and raspberry jelly?

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my rambling today. Leave us a comment on what favorite peanut butter and jelly combo is your favorite, or the most outlandish combination you’ve ever eaten.


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I’m a wife, mother, pastry chef and amatuer gardner. I travel as much as possible, can what I grow, and taste as many new things as possible.

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