Breakfast panini’s

Hot and gooey

I know how hard times are right now so this is a cheap and easy way for people to create something new, but a way to make something new while staying in.

If you have a panini press this is an quick, protein filled breakfast that doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. And honestly? You can just make it on the stove in a pan.

  1. Before you even get your ingredients out of the fridge, plug your panini press in to get nice and hot.

I added egg, turkey, cheese, and some veggies like mushroom and onion. Add what you’d like. I also covered mine in hot sauce, but some people don’t like hot sauce.


  • Cook egg to liking on stove. Over easy for me. Add cooked egg, lunch meat, cheese and other toppings onto buttered bread.
  • Put into panini press and flip occasionally for about 5 mins, or until toasted to your liking. Don’t press to hard because the egg will burst*

I hope everybody is doing their part to combat the crazy that is going on in this world. Wash your hands, stay in, and keep social distancing.

Thank you guys for tuning in and we are working hard to get you more recipes. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, Follow us, or leave a comment!


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