Honey Garlic

One of my favorite things to cook with is some honey garlic

That’s right. Honey. Garlic. It’s one of the BEST things I have ever cooked with. Its good on potatoes, steak, and many, many other things

So let’s talk. Valentine’s day is coming up and I typically cook a good New York strip steak. The way I typically make our steaks is the Gorden Ramsey style. I put garlic, thyme and rosemary sprigs in while it’s cooking, and a buttload of butter. 

BUT HOLD ON. The last time I made steak I added the honey garlic at the very end and it created this carmelized, crispy outside, and such a juicy, mouthwatering steak. 


I promise you it’s so DAMN good.

So to start this you need some garlic cloves and RAW Honey. It’s super easy to get to now. Raw honey is becoming more popular so you can pick some up at Hyvee or if it’s the season you can pick some up at the farmers market. You can crush the cloves to make the process go faster, but it typically takes the garlic about a week to break down in the honey. You literally put the garlic in the honey, in a jar you have lying around. The honey at first will be very thick, as honey should be. BUT, within the next week, you should see it become more liquid-like. 

There is allicin in Garlic which breaks down the honey. This can have major beneficial effects. It helps with inflammation and antioxidant benefits, and even cholesterol. Overall, it’s super good for your health. 

10-15 garlic cloves 

1/4 cup of garlic

Try this and tell me what you think! I know I am not the only one who LOVES garlic and honey. You can pick the garlic out and eat it, it’s good for your health, as well as chop the garlic up and use it in dishes with chicken or fish. 

*NOTE. You will need to add some vinegar to stop it from fermenting for around 2 weeks. Just add a splash of vinegar and it should be good. I’ve had mine for a couple of months and it’s been delicious! 

Once again, thank you for visiting, and I hope you like and share our recipes.

Eat. Read. Cook.


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