Figs in Iowa

I absolutely love fresh figs, even, more than peaches. Maybe because getting a good ripe fig or peach in Iowa is impossible. So, when shopping at the nursery for my kitchen garden herbs I came across a fig tree. I did a jig right on the spot.  My husband was with me and I’m sure he was  regretting saying “I do” at that moment.

I was truly excited because there were already two, yes two figs in the works on this tree. That alone made it worth the $60 we paid for this piece of paradise. But alas, it was not to be; when loading them in the back part of my husbands truck, they fell off. I was crestfallen, but still hopeful that it was not a complete bust. Come to find out, there is no cross-pollinating involved in fig growing, at least not on this tree, it has everything it needs inside its DNA already.

That was back in March sometime and with many nights putting it safely in the garage so that low temps would not harm it and pulling it back out again until safe to stay outside, I have now harvested two, yes two figs.  And they are absolutely delicious, no adornments necessary.

Just as an aside, I have also acquired a lemon, lime, and orange tree all from the same nursery.  I have kept the citrus alive over the winter with the help of plant lights, but the artichoke plant was not as lucky.  It kept being attacked by aphids, and not enough ladybugs in our home. Here is a picture of my “orchard”.

Now if I could just find a banana, date, and coconut tree I’ll be set!


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I’m a wife, mother, pastry chef and amatuer gardner. I travel as much as possible, can what I grow, and taste as many new things as possible.

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